Folio Art proudly launches ‘The Showcase’. 

A platform championing the best emerging talent from the commercial illustration world. This is their stage, to stretch-out and show the world what they’re made of; a chance to sit alongside the established, experienced and renowned.

It’s their time to tell us who they are, and your opportunity to work with some of the most exciting, unique and innovative new illustrators the world has to offer.

We receive a huge number of submissions everyday and we are constantly amazed by the sheer wealth of talent and creativity that’s orbiting un-noticed around the edge of the illustration industry, in the shadow of art giants or the massive amount of competition that circles alongside them.

All over the world, there are students, graduates, amateur painters, bedroom artists and craftspeople, that are producing incredibly beautiful and skilled pieces of work, but who haven’t yet broke into the industry and forged a career for themselves as illustrators. So we thought, wouldn’t it be great, if we could provide a platform, to showcase the best new and emerging talent that we discover! The result of which, is this. Welcome to Folio Showcase.

Owen Davey’s latest book Knight Night hits the shelves!

Owen’s second book Knight Night is now available to purchase! Beautifully written and illustrated in Owen’s unmistakable style, it promises to be a truly magical bedtime read.

You can purchase Knight Night via any of the links below:


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